start an epidemic

ignite changes with social marketing


Start An Epidemic: Ignite Changes With Social Marketing by Rebecca Wear Robinson is a roadmap for initiating and sustaining positive social change using principles of social marketing.   There is no other book on the market that makes social marketing accessible to everyone working to make positive change happen.  

Social change is accelerating, often more rapidly than organizations, governments, and individuals can adapt, resulting in a chaotic and reactive rush to establish frameworks for change.  Conversely, efforts to change society in a positive manner are being thwarted by well-organized and well-funded entities that benefit from maintaining the status quo. 

One of the most effective ways of changing behavior is using marketing.  When people change their behavior, social change occurs.  Traditionally we think of marketing as promoting consumer goods, but social marketing harnesses the power of marketing to change behavior for public good .  Social marketing is the tool that tips the balance from trying to ‘do good’ to actually achieving measurable change.  It teaches organizations to focus resources on the right targets, at the right time, in the right way.  Social marketing reclaims the widget sales techniques and shifts the definition of bottom line success to improving the human condition with a balance sheet that still passes financial scrutiny.

Start An Epidemic: Ignite Changes With Social Marketing unlocks the mysteries of social marketing.  It offers clear, pragmatic, and easy-to-understand steps on how to integrate principles of social marketing to create positive, sustainable, and cost-effective change, whether local or global.  Real-life examples in a range of fields are used to illustrate key points throughout the book.  The final chapter uses a real-life case study to make the techniques accessible by providing the reader with a verbal and visual roadmap for change that can be applied to any cause.

A final word, social marketing is not social media marketing.  Social media marketing is one very small component of social marketing.  Like the headlights on a car, social media can help light the way, but social marketing is the engine that drives change forward.